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Pre-Order: Olwyn's Heart Elixir


Pre-Order for the next batch of Olwyn's Heart Elixir, available in April!

A triune of deep red berries and flowers combine their healing, restorative, heart-focused magic in this delicious, ethereal elixir named for Olwyn, a Welsh goddess heroine.

A tale from Welsh legend tells of Olwyn, daughter of the giant Ysbadadden (Welsh: Hawthorn), a fair maiden won by hero Culhwch after a very long series of trials set by her father. She is often depicted as a golden-haired Spring goddess in a flowing red dress, with trails of white flowers that spring up in her footsteps.

Olwyn’s Heart weaves the astringency and forthrightness of crabapple with the fierce sweetness of hawthorn and rose (and a little warming zing from the Far East in the form of exotic cardamom and cinnamon) into a pleasant tonic you’ll look forward to every day.

Wildcrafted Hawthorn berry and flower, Crabapple bark and fruit, Rose bud, flower, and hips; Organic Cardamom and Cinnamon; local honey, spiced rum, grain alcohol, distilled water.

Packaged in a 1 ounce glass dropper bottle with compostable label.