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Brave Heart tonic elixir


This lovely formula practically created itself, as all good things do. Brave Heart tonic combines a tree of peace (Pine) and a tree of protection (Hawthorn) for the weary, set-upon times, to help you take a deep breath, stand straight again, and say "Ah yes, that's right. I can do this."

A tool for the resistance, whatever you may be resisting - tyranny, oppression, fear, strife, coworkers, family holidays...

Slightly sweet with the aromatics of berries and conifer, Brave Heart also makes a pleasant digestive bitter, for use before or after meals.

-Wildcrafted herbs:
-Hawthorn berries, flowers, leaves, and thorns
-White Pine needles, resin, and twigs
-Rose hips, leaves, petals, and thorns
-Spruce needles and twigs
-Reishi mushroom
-Organic grain alcohol
-Raw local honey
-Distilled water

Packaged in a 1 ounce clear glass dropper bottle with recycled paper label.